Saturday, January 31, 2009

Partyin' (dancin') Like a Rockstar!

So, Brad LOVES to dance! So, even though I am not known for my amazing dancing skills...we went dancing and we took our friend Sophia! Well, Sophia also loves to dance so, everybody was getting all excited! Brad told us that it was a ballroom dance place! I was excited about that, I would love to learn how to dance for real and not just in a mosh pit! So we were pumped. He said however, that it may be difficult for Sophia without a date because most people, if not all, come with dates. Well, that was not the case!

We had quite the night! Sophia said she has never had a night like it, nor had that much fun since she has been in Provo! Nor had I! :)

Don't worry, we were doing the shimmy! Of which, another lady there told us she doesn't do the shimmy becuase it gets her into trouble...I don't know what kind of shimmy she does!

Brad was an excellent teacher! He had to teach Sophia and I everything we did!

There was a drawing and Brad stole all of our tickets so he could win...AND HE DID! As he let everyoneeeeee in the entire dancing hall know!!

So, I don't know if you can acutally read what this sign says. This is where we went dancing! We drove up to the place and I read aloud...OREM SENIOR FRIENDSHIP CENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't stoppppppppppppp laughing!!!! Sophia and I laughed the entire nightttttttttt! We paid to get in even! We walk in...our first gentleman we met...94 years old!! :) I even had an old guy hit on me, we danced a few dances...and Brad and him almost got in a fight! :) It was like no other night we had before experienced! :) Brad ceases to surprise me!

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