Sunday, January 17, 2010

DC Adventure...Take 2

So...I have returned to DC...what a trip! I drove from California to Provo, alone - 10 1/2 hours. I spent about 5 days in Utah and did a lot of catching up. I drove from Provo to Denver, alone - 7 1/2 hours. I spent a day or so there. Ok, the alone stuff is a lie because I was accompanied by Dan Brown the entire time. If you haven't read/listened to his new book, The Lost Symbol, DO SO! It rocks!
I picked up my dear friend Heidi in Denver. We drove from there to St. Charles, MO, which is just outside of St. Louis, for almost 13 hours. We then drove from St. Charles, MO to DC, another 13 hours! We then spent 2 entire days looking for housing, with a job interview for me. I lived out of my car for almost 2 weeks. Since neither one of us likes or will eat fast food we stopped at Wal Mart and bought bread, cheese, peanut butter, took some plastic silverware from the deli and got back on the road. We ate that, plus the fruit and fiber one bars we had, for 4 days. Ay ay ay!

We are currently residing the Arlington, Va in a place called Avalon at Arlington Square....

take a gander...

Photos of Avalon at Arlington Square - Apartments for rent in Arlington
We live on the 2nd floor in a two bed two bath apartment. Heidi and I are sharing a room. We have a roommate in the other room named Emilie. She rocks. We are super pumped to have her here with us! This is going to be great!

Here are some pics of our humble abode...

As you can tell me have no furniture. We have no anything...but we have my bike as you can tell! This was our first meal in our new place! We didn't even have anything to eat out of...hence the pot for my salad! We took silverware from Chipotle so we could eat until Heidi brings all her stuff up from North Carolina.We are going Asian style!

This place is going to be great once we get through with it and make money to be able to furnish it! I was able to get us beds yesterday. So no worries...not many nights on the ground. We are working on getting a couch. Heidi left for North Carolina. I will follow her down this weekend to help her with the rest of her stuff. We will then a kitchen fully stocked and a dinning room table with chairs. It does already feel like home. It is great to be living with Heidi again. She is a great person! We look forward to many good times here in DC together! We eat "granola-like" together, are goal oriented together, go to the temple together, exercise together, etc. You name it! And yes we encourage each other to date boys...but not together!

I must say. DC is not the same without my old roomies! We had some great times! It is sad not having them here. I do miss them! Church was not the same without them there today! Boo. But whatever, if they think PROVO is cooler than WASHINGTON, be it!

I must report...I have had 3 job interviews since I have been here, which we got in late Tuesday night. I have had 3 job offers as well. One I am going to decline. The other two I have accepted and I am PUMPED!

I am a coach at Jump Bunch...check it out...

It is going to rock. Pretty much I am a traveling PE teacher. I will teach PE at 3 different private schools in Northern VA to kids the age of 2 1/2 to about 10. It is going to rock! It is a part time job that pays fairly well.

I am also an employee of a place called Washington Sports Club as a personal trainer...

They are going to help me get certified to be a personal trainer and also to teach classes such as cycling, pilates, etc. I am sooooooo pumped! It is perfect! My life couldn't be much better right now! I knew I was supposed to be in DC right now. There have been A LOT of things that have tried to get in the way and deter me. But I know this is right and I am seeing the Lord bless me left and right! I am on the up swing that is for sure! It has been a long time coming!

And who said there aren't jobs out there and people aren't hiring!

Christmas Vacation

Here we are blocking their entry! We had already won!

Geocaching with the family! We made it a race! Don't worry...our team won...woo woo!

ALL the kids spent the night!! silly bone head...

M' boys...geocaching
I realized I had forgotten to ever put a picture of Nicole, my mentor teacher, on my blog. Here we are right before I left DC.