Monday, February 08, 2010

Making History...BOOOOO

Two feet of snow in ONE day! WHAT?! Worst snow storm in like a century! BOOO! Everything has shut down! People are forced out of their homes onto the street to go on walks and mingle with their neighbors! People are so friendly when they are forced out of their comfort zone and their schedule because of "disasters". It is like they have never seen snow before.

So. Work is going well. My first week on the job at the Montessori school there was a lice "epidemic" A few kids had it and the older kids were calling it an epidemic. I had a kindergartner tell me the other day that she was perplexed! Her friend didn't know what it meant and so she defined it...perfectly defined it might I ad. WOW! What a change coming from the public school system! They are so much fun. I have probably 275 students in all that rotate in and out of my classes. The best part is is that I don't have to do any grades, etc. I just get to teach and play! It rocks!

The Sports Club is going great. I am getting myself into it! I am starting to have some potential clients and work with them. I am excited about learning and getting to know more about training. I work with great people who are great mentors. I feel very blessed.

We are getting our apartment put together. It is starting to look like a home and feel homey. HEidi has gotten here and put her touch on things. She is a rockstar. Other than the snow and everything shutting down all the time life is great! I am very blessed with the two roomies that i have! They are wonderful! Life is good!