Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pedalfest - Deer Valley, Park City

So, my life is become more and more centered and involved in biking. It is amazing how a sport is a lifestyle, social network, culture, and a hobby all in one. Melanie and I went to our first XC mountain bike race. The pros raced 25 miles and in all climbed about 5000 ft in two hours!! WOW! We respected and admired them greatly for their efforts. THey even had little kids out there on this course! Holy Cow! I would have been lucky to even make it up that first hill! ay ay ay! It was super fun! I love how each different sport has it's own type of people, we fit in fairly well...

SO, this picture above doesn't even do it justice, what they really had to climb up. It was intense, from the base of the ski lift all the way to the top of the mountain! You can only see part of the trail in this picture, it just keeps going and going and going.

This upcoming week is my last real week at BYU! These are my last two classes at BYU and then I am done! YEAHH! Oh happy day! I have been superr busy! My week this week consisted of... the gym, homework, driving 12 passenger vans for two days straight, waking up incredibly early, eating, making pear coconut muffins, girls night-watching Iron Jawed Angels (amazing movie about women's sufferage!!!), going to the dollar theater, off-roading, watching The Giver on campus (which was one of my favorite books that I read in grade school, my first utopian themed novel), two friends opening their mission calls (to Hong Kong and Panama), going to ice cream, having a picnic, going to a MTB race, rain, rain, thunder, lightening, temple, friends, my two sister's birthdays on the same day (they aren't twins), biking...and who knows what else, the weekend is yet to be over!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Squaw Peak Hike - 7 miles

You have no idea how much we have hiked up already!

Allison is a rock petter, at it again...

God is great and so are his creations!

It doesn't even do it justice!

Timp looks so small in the background

Allison is putting her thumb on the BYU football stadium to put things into perspective!

Elevation: 7862 ft / 2396 m to top of Peak
Provo Elevation: 4551 ft / 1387 m

Therefore, we went up 3311 ft in elevation in a 3.5 mile hike one way! We are Rock Stars! Hard Core!!!!