Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unofficial Ward Campout - Adventure?!?!

Well, this weekend was definitely one to remember always. We went on an unofficial ward campout to Zion National Park in southern Utah. We stayed at our Bishop's cabin in often can you stay that you have stayed or are in Kolob. We made it down safe and sound and then the adventures began...

We met up with Tracie and John and went repelling down Pine Creek, which was amazing. HOwever, we got stuck behind the slowest people ever, which made it so we took a looooootttt longer then anticipated. My roommate was going to pick us up at the end of the hike so we didnt' have to hitch hike back to the car...too bad we were 3 hours late. THen, later to find out, she didn't come because she got a flat tire on the way to get us and never showed up anway.

So, then we go to meet up with the rest of the group because we didn't have a car and were in the park alone. Nobody has cell phone reception...except for those with Verizon...but my phone was dying! We luckily got ahold of someone to give us a ride back...however, his car died right as we showed up, the alternator was bad...

So...we got a jump...we made it until we had about a half hour left up the canyon and the car died...a walking we went...out in the middle of Kolob, broken down car, and no cars going our way. We stopped three or four cars until a nice older couple said they would take us back. There were seven of us...he had a truck with a four wheeler in the back and a baby. So, we squeezed around the four wheeler in the back and he drove us allll the way back up the hill since I couldn't get ahold of anyone at camp since they don't have recepetion and my phone was dying.

One girl that came with us sprained or broke her angle badly on a hike...they carried her back down the car load left their keys in someone else's car that took off earlier and were stranded in Zion until someone went all the way back down (about an hour drive) to give them back the keys.

We woke up this mornign to pack up camp and ran out of electricity for the water pump (it runs on solar)...over 50 people wanting to use the bathroom...the one bathroom...and couldn't...

I'm not sure what else went wrong but I am sure there was more. BUt, in all, we had a blast! It was a fantastic weekend with great hikes and amazing views. I will post pictures as soon as Tray remembers to send them to me.

These are old and from Christmas...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunset Peak, Lake Mary, Lake Martha, Lake Catherine, Dog Lake...AKA above Brighton

These were amazingggg views...this I don't remember looking towards what direction.
Mt. Timp is in the background above.
We made it to the top of Sunset Peak...elevation : 10500 feet, elevation at base of Brigthon 8500ft! About two miles up to the very top. We were at the highest peak that you could see.
This shows the three lakes...Mary, Marth, and Catherine. We hike passed all of them!

This is the view looking towards the mouth of Big Cotton Wood Canyon.
If you look closely you can see our amazing view of Heber City and Miday in the background.
This is Lauren, by the way, she lives below me.

Lake Mary
It was an incredibly beautiful lake! with lots of little rodents running around and mosquitos.

This was the first lake...Lake Mary...absolutely GORGEOUS. There was a no swimming sign...we later found out that it is drinking water for SLC. Interestante!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hike in Provo Canyon and Taking Kids to Lake

Taking the chillin's to Lake Oroville...we played freeze tag in the water even!
Little Turd Muffins are too good for me, you can tell by the look of their faces! Please I am their fav!

If you look closely you can see three waterfalls at once! Super pretty!

This is how high we hiked...through the creek might I add!

My new hiking buddy, Brooklyn, she is rad. Allison ditched me to go home before leaving on her mission to HONG KONG!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

We love you!

Ella es un gran ejemplo por todos de nosotros! Ha sido una gran bendicion en la vida de nosotros por conocerla y amarla. Ella nos toco la corazon de todos! A ella la vamos a extranar mucho y la amamos tanto! Ella ha sido una parte tan grande en la vida de todos de nosotros! Que viejita mas hermosa! Ella nos ha traido mucho gozo por todos!