Friday, April 09, 2010

No is why...

Highlights of the last few months...
25-30 hours a week teaching my pre-k to 6th graders
Getting colds frorm my pre-k to 6th graders
Putting them in time out
Get hugged, kissed, touched, and grabbed all over by the little people
Complaining little people
This is what I hear all day...Ms. Jamie! Ms. Jamie! Ms. Jamie! Ms. Jamie! I have to go potty. I have to go pee pee. Ms. Jamie.
One of my dots they sit on was wet...thought that was weird...and it oddly had the smell of urine...ugh.
I watched a kid as he sat criss-cross apple sauce lean forward and make a funny look on his face like he was constipated...his jeans suddenly were allllllll dark inbetween his legs all the way down to his knees...he also walked like he had something between his legs...
I had a girl today lock herself in the stall...don't worry, I came to the rescue! I crawled under and let her out!
Yes, I AM the tallest of all my students.
I rock at dodge ball!
I rule at soccer! Me versus all my kids!
Nothing better than showing up in the morning and the kids running at me and yelling my name because they are so excited to see me.
My students are from EVERY place in the world. I must say, there is nothing cuter than a kid who barely speaks with an accent: Russian, Australian, French, British, Hungarian, Indian, African, Latin name it!
jump rope
hula hoop
tunnel tag
toilet tag
red light, green light
shovels and pales
Simon says
bear crawl
crab walk
jumping jacks
275 little people students
NEVER a dull moment!

That is only from teaching at the school. I will post later what the rest of my life has entailed.

By the way...I cut my hair. A lot. No pics. Sorry.


tarahepworth said...

Im glad you are enjoying it Jamie! You are so cute!

Justin and LeAnne said...

Blah, blah blah. No one wants to read words. Where are the pictures?

The Finlays said...

You make is sound like you are busy or something. Geez. ;)

AngS said...

Ahhh one tells it like you do. Miss You, Tia